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Using uTorrent advanced preference of "Run this program when a torrent changes state", this tool will scan the folder for archives extract them when download completed and clean up the archive files after the seeding completed.


  • uTorrent
  • .NET Framework 4.5
  • unRAR.exe


  1. Extract the downloaded zip to some folder.
  2. If your unRAR.exe file is in different folder than C:\Program Files\WinRAR , open the .config file and change the AppSettings key "WinRAR_Path" to correct folder.
  3. Go to uTorrent \ Options \ Preferences \ Advanced \ Run Program and change the field "Run this program when a torrent changes state" to:
    <folder you extracted the files>\uTorrentExtractor.exe -s "%S" -d "%D" -l "%L" -p "%P" -k "%K" -n "%N"
    BTW, if the path to the uTorrentExtractor.exe contains spaces, be sure to add quotation marks around it.

    Important Note
    The extractor will work on all torrents that their labels start with "movies" or "tv" (not case-sensitive).
    This was made by design, in future versions I will make the list of labels dynamic.

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